How are we dealing with Health, Safety and Welfare on-site during pandemic?

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How are we dealing with Health, Safety and Welfare on-site during pandemic?

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The risk is real during Covid!

Reon while doing its upmost to keep all its’ sites operational wherever it’s practical to do so, has published guidance to ensure the safety of its’ workers on site. The guideline ensures that the Government recommendations such as those around social distance, good hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and more are applied across all project sites.

Guidelines for Workers on-site

Consideration should be given to the follows:

Minimum workforce for effective operations

Planning for the minimum number of people required on site is necessary to operate it safely and effectively. It is also necessary to remind people not to attend if they have any Covid-19 related symptoms.

Alongside, customer/contractor site visits are limited while encouraging remote connection has helped manage the risks.

Social Distancing at Work

Using one-way flow on walkways and at entry and exit points is used to help maintain enough distance. Furthermore, staggered start and end times, reduced job and equipment rotation and minimized vehicle sharing has further helped reduce the risk.

Regular cleaning of common contact surfaces

Ensuring frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between use, providing additional hand washing facilities at regular intervals, and restricting numbers using toilet facilities at one time has helped in maintaining distance between workers. Workers are also encouraged to bring packed meals.



    Mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Providing all gears such as face masks, gloves to minimize the spread of vapors. All PPEs are subject to a single session and must be disposed off appropriately.

    Inbound and Outbound Goods

    Revising pick-up and drop off collection points; procedures, signage and markings; minimizing unnecessary contact at gate house security, yard and warehouses and having single workers load or unload vehicles wherever possible.


    Submitting contractor health declaration form is mandatory prior to mobilization. Contractors are also required to arrange dedicated transport for their staff and workers from their homes to project sites. Furthermore, availability of hand sanitizers is compulsory in all contractor based vehicles.

    The aforementioned guidelines will continue to evolve in line with the Government regulations. Reon ensures ongoing training and information access to all employees deployed at site to safeguard the Team’s health, and welfare.

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