DADA DAIRY and enterprises

Project highlights
client: Dada Dairy and Enterprises
location: Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan
sector: Dairy
solar power project: 2MW
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Dairy sector, due to lower sanction load, faces high commercial tariff and is zero-rated which further adds to input costs. With slight design reorientation of sheds and utilization of land, solar installations can significantly help lower energy costs.

Dada, one of the pioneers in the dairy industry, converted to renewables to reduce their energy costs by up to 15% and secure an uninterrupted energy supply.  They partnered with Reon to install a 1 MW Solar PV Plant at Dada Dairies and another 1 MW at Dada Enterprises to hedge their energy rates for the next 25 years.

The project uses net-metering to avail utility bill credits in case of excess supply and generates a combined 2750 MWh of approximate energy annually.


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