Project highlights
client: Enfrashare Private Limited
location: Makran, Baluchistan, Pakistan
sector: Telecom
solar power project: 22,460 kWh
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Enfrashare Pvt. Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Infiniti Pvt Ltd, partnered with Reon to deploy solar energy solutions on 2,360 sites nationwide.

A transformative one among these are 41 telecom sites on the Coastal Highway. The 700 km strip that extends from the Arabian Coast in Karachi, Sindh, to Jivani in the Baluchistan province (bordering Iran) receives high solar irradiation through most of the year making solar energy a favorable component to meet energy needs. The project has for the first time ensured connectivity on Makran Coastal Highway while offering a 99.9% uptime at the lowest regional Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The project offers an annual expected energy generation of around  kWh and an annual carbon reduction of  tonnes. SPARK, energy manager, allows 24/7 remote monitoring of key performance parameters of these sites and facilitates remote configuration.


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