Project highlights
client: Fauji Cement Company Limited
location: Fateh Jang, Punjab, Pakistan
sector: Cement
solar power project:12.5 MW
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Fauji Cement Company Ltd. (FCCL) partnered with Reon Energy to set-up a captive 12.5 MW Solar PV plant for their cement production facility. The plant created 413 semi-skilled jobs for the local community and 137 skilled jobs during project installation . The project was delivered in 6-months after the Final Investment Decision (FID). This is one of the largest private distributed solar power plant projects of Pakistan. The annual energy production is around a 19.3 GWh that is equal to 484,000 tree plantations.

An R&D testing station of 26 kW has been deployed at site to study emerging photovoltaic (PV) technologies under simulated, and prevailing outdoor environment.


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