Karachi Golf club

Project highlights
client: Karachi Golf club
location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
sector: Recreation
solar power project: 400.5 kW
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Karachi Golf Club (KGC) converted to solar to minimize its operational energy costs. KGC required an energy source to power the several motors and pumps that backed its extensive irrigation system.

The 400 kW solar energy system was custom designed as per the client’s requirements to power all activities at KGC  including air conditioning and irrigation. Reon’s SPARK energy manager allows for a 24/7 monitoring of the plant and its performance. Moreover, it also allows for trouble shooting any issues in real time.

By maximizing the use of renewable energy in its mix, KGC has been able to offset 611 MWh of energy annually and reduce carbon emissions by 190 tonnes.


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