Proctor and Gamble Pakistan Pvt. Ltd

Project highlights
client: Proctor and Gamble Pakistan Pvt. Ltd
location: Sindh, Pakistan
sector: FMCG
solar power project: 1.85 MW
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The Situation

Procter and Gamble Pakistan has a goal of purchasing 100% renewable electricity globally by 2030 and has been aggressively pursuing renewable energy avenues. P&G Pakistan, to achieve this goal and mitigate rising electricity tariffs over the years requested an OpEx solution for renewable energy at commercially discounted rates versus grid. The project was implemented towards the end of 2020.

The Solution

  • NEPRA approved Generation License for Solar based Power Generation System procured with
    end-to-end solar plant being installed with complete monitoring, control, and synchronization
  • Agreement signed on PPA basis to achieve renewable targets, reduce costs, and save on Capex
    for P&G Pakistan.

The Impact

  • 2.8 GWh of annual energy units displaced by solar energy i.e., equivalent to 1,800 Tons of carbon savings annually
  • Roughly 30-40% reduction in cost per unit for grid displaced by solar energy


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