Project highlights
client: The Citizens Foundation Schools
location: Karachi, Dadu, Islamkot, Mithi, Bhitra Sindh, Pakistan
sector: Education
solar power project: 116.92 KW
Total Schools Electrified: 10
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The Citizens Foundation (TCF) provides primary and secondary level education on a low-cost model. The school operates a network of 1,567 school units mostly located in semi-urban and rural communities across Pakistan.

Reon implemented a 3 kW Solar pilot project under its solar for school’s initiative for TCF Dadabhoy campus situated in Malir, Karachi. The plant currently powers 15 fans, 13 lights, Television, and a Water Pump. Moreover, the design has been done so to store energy for post sunset. The use of top-tier technology and equipment keeps the system running under all weather conditions.

The pilot rojectt was followed by two Solar Hybrid 15 KW installations at TCF Waleed Sheikh Campus, Dadu and TCF Taga, Dadu in 2018.

In 2022, Reon has solarized two more TCF school campuses in Hawksbay, Karachi and Salehpat, Sindh.

Reon has previously powered 3 other schools for TCF in Mithi, Islamkot and Bhitra sizing up to 35.4, 35.2 and 8.32, respectively.


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