Unilever Pakistan Limited

Project highlights
client: Unilever Pakistan Limited
location: Karachi, Sindh Pakistan.
Lahore, Khanewal, Phoolnagar, and Rahimyarkhan, Punjab, Pakistan
sector: FMCG
solar power project: 9.29MW
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Reon’s partnership with Unilever began in 2015 when the multinational approached the renewable energy expert for a 30kW pilot project at their Tea factory site in Khanewal. The motive behind this installation was to implement their green energy leadership vision. After commissioning and upon evaluation the pilot project proved to be a success in achieving what the brand had sought – a significant reduction of 28 tonnes in the carbon footprint during the first year. This led Unilever to sign for a 100 kW extension on the same site in the following year alongwith 3 more projects sizing 200, 100 and 40 kW at their factories located in Karachi, Lahore and Phoolnagar respectively.

The success of these projects has won Reon a continuing partnership with Unilever with 4 additional sites in Punjab sizing up to a whooping 8.85 MW in 2020.


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