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Wheeling electricity is the process of transmitting electricity from a producer to a user from one area to another.

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This is beneficial as the user can service a variety of energy demands without the restriction of land or roof space in the immediate vicinity, and often the highest-quality renewable resources are located far from major electricity load centers.

Wheeling policies could further incentivize investors to develop renewable energy projects in remote areas and wheel power to load centers. The goal is to move the least cost power to where it is needed to maximize efficiencies.

How is a consumer
billed for the
energy wheeled?

Wheeling allows Reon( an electricity producer) to meet the client’s energy demand ( energy consumer) through grid. The utility charges Reon a specified wheeling Tariff for using the grid to wheel the power that is added to the final cost of electricity for the consumer.

what is the wheeling process?

The wheeling process roughly takes 9-12 months after the approval from the local utility

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