Unilever Pakistan

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Solar Power Project: 8.86 MW


Location: Karachi, Sindh Pakistan.
Lahore, Khanewal, Phoolnagar, and Rahimyarkhan, Punjab, Pakistan

The collaboration between Reon and Unilever has been remarkable, with a mission to revolutionize the energy landscape and lead the way in sustainable practices. The journey began in 2015 with a small 30 kW pilot project at Unilever’s tea factory in Khanewal, aimed at reducing the company’s carbon footprint and demonstrating their green energy leadership. The project was a booming success, reducing carbon emissions by 28 tonnes in the first year alone.


Building on this success, Unilever expanded their partnership with Reon, commissioning 100 kW extension at the same site in the following year, and subsequently adding three more projects at their factories in Karachi, Lahore and Phoolnagar. These projects not only significantly reduced Unilever’s carbon footprint but also made a significant impact on energy savings and sustainability in the region.


Reon’s partnership with Unilever continues to this day, totaling 9.29 MW, with the deployment of 4 additional sites in Punjab, cementing their commitment to sustainability and energy self-sufficiency.

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