Reflex Energy Storage

Reflex Energy Storage

Advanced energy storage solutions to capture new market opportunities and value streams
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Unlocking the value of energy transition

Advanced energy storage solutions to capture new market opportunities and value streams

Continuous growth of renewable energy integration in energy infrastructure is introducing newer challenges in the power system stability for industries. 

Grid-level energy storage hence plays a critical role in maintaining reliable energy supply. Storage solutions not only offer spinning reserve services for industrial powerhouses, but also provide backup and line conditioning services for critical industrial infrastructure, and balance power deficit due to intermittent renewable energy sources. 

Reon offers lithium-ion based battery solutions for a life span of 8-12 years making the technology more economically feasible than its lead acid counterparts.

Energy Storage with its’ multiple applications across industries such as self-consumption, peak shaving and energy arbitrage enables uninterrupted power supply for enhanced power distribution.

Utilizing energy storage for reliable energy supply

What are our ambitions?

Successful transformation of the energy industry is increasingly linked with energy storage. Reon aims to support energy transition in large scale industries and electrification of transport by building charging infrastructure using large scale batteries.


The transition to energy efficient electrification can drive broad socio-economic development. Connect with us to find out how energy storage can help strengthen your business’s energy supply.

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