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Knowledge Partnership

The Think 2025 initiative introduced in July 2018 is geared towards an energy transition into a clean, secure, environmentally friendly and economically successful future. As the energy demand continues to surge, it places an opportunity for the business to fundamentally alter energy supply towards renewables while making us less dependent on fossil fuels.

The Knowledge Partnership Program ensued from the 2025 initiative later during 2019. The program aims to enable an efficient energy transition, create awareness on the role of renewables, and the need for climate change education and mitigation on human and institutional level.

Solar for Schools
Electrification Program

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Reon aims to enhance educational experience through energy. The Solar for Schools project targets community schools located in off-grid and poor-grid areas in
accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 4.

Our pilot project at The Citizens Foundation (TCF) Dadabhoy Campus, Karachi saw a jump in enrollment and attendance by up to 30%. Also, the non-attendance rate is lower and the school enrollment rate for children grades 9-11 is higher in the electrified areas compared to unelectrified areas. Download the case study to find out more about our pilot project at the TCF School.




Karachi, Dadu, Salehpat, Gadap


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Energy Dialogue enables conversations and actions on an economically and ecologically secure future for the region. One major achievement that we boast of is to lobby towards government funding for renewable energy projects.
We believe that to be successful, it is essential to treat this efficient energy transition as a task encompassing all of society especially areas such as education, healthcare, businesses, and telecommunication. Together we can forge our path towards a clean, secure, and an efficient energy future.