E-Mobility Charging Solutions

E-Mobility Charging Solutions

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With 100 percent renewable-based smart and reliable vehicle charging solutions

We provide end-to-end infrastructure for fast charging of electric vehicles. This includes design, development, installation, and in-life management using our smart infrastructure and fleet management suite of software.

Our software suite helps minimize the cost per mile and carbon footprint of the end-to-end operation. SPARK comes with a 24/7 Network Operations Centre, and advanced insights including charge and warranty management of batteries, route optimization, and predictive maintenance.

A combination of battery-buffered charging using our proprietary REFLEX energy storage with Solar PV not only minimizes the load on the grid but also provides peak shaving capability, ensures rapid charging rates without the need to expand existing grid connections, and adds flexibility to the system.

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Record breaking success

Largest global EV bus charging station for FIFA 2022

Reon and Redco International have partnered to build the first solar bus charging depot in Al Lusail for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The 5.3 MW Bus Charging Depot has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest bus charging station in the world.

Ready for EV charging?

SPARK software for smart EV charging network

SPARK EV Charging Network Software enables utilities, fleets, cities, automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and workplaces to efficiently deploy and manage their own network of smart EV charging stations at scale.

Asset Performance Management (APM)

Our energy management solutions offer insight on health of key fleet assets including battery, warranty management, wear and tear of motors, early identification of faults, fleet cost per mile, variation in performance of fleet assets, energy mix usage of fleets, and resultant carbon footprint. Also, APM helps customers minimize electrical bills and reduce the need for costly infrastructure upgrades by managing the charging load at each site.

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