I-RECs (International Renewable Energy Certificates)

Empower Your Sustainability Journey with I-RECs

International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) represent the production of clean energy which helps in reducing the Scope 2 emissions for a company. Each I-REC certifies 1 MWh of renewable energy produced. For the companies that are looking to achieve their sustainability targets or trade in international markets, I-RECs are proving to be a helpful instrument.

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Why do Organizations Purchase I-RECs?

I-RECs can be a flexible tool that help companies to:

Achieve their clean energy goals

Lower their scope 2 emissions

Support the renewable energy market

All companies that want to reduce their scope 2 emissions but are facing financial or space limitations can buy I-RECs.

Why do organizations sell I-RECs?

Selling I-RECs assists the companies to:

Get a monetary return on their renewable energy plants

Incentivize future investments on renewable energy

Develop carbon

All companies who have invested in renewable energy plants are eligible to register their plants and sell I-RECs.

Reon’s Value Proposition

Reon Energy, being the leading clean energy company in Pakistan, provides a one stop solution for the procurement and selling of I-RECs. Being an active player in the I-RECs market, our services include:

Negotiating the best deals between the buyers and sellers

Strengthening the market by engaging our international linkages

Facilitating end-to-end documentation

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