Telecom Energy Infrastructure

Telecom Energy Infrastructure

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Energy costs for telecom tower operators account for 75-80% of operational expenditures and that could rise to 85-90% in case of low grid coverage. The growing energy challenge in large measure is due to high data demand and the corresponding need for data centers.

As the operator’s energy consumption expands, the telecom operator’s carbon footprint is also likely to expand. Hence, switching to energy efficient technologies particularly renewable energy helps lower operational costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Our telecom energy infrastructure solutions while ensuring up to 99% network uptime offers maximized OPEX (operational expenditure) savings using smart techniques to cut consumption and emissions.

Driving energy efficiency through data analytics

The opportunity to analyze vast amounts of data on real-time demand and traffic through IoT sensors allows effective site monitoring and automated decisions. You can find out the key features about Reon’s data analytics for telecom energy assets under Digital Solutions. Beneath find some references to savings created through data analytics:


Increased penetration of intermittent renewable energy requires real-time understanding of network status to allow for a rapid on-field or backend response as changes occur. The Reon Energy Analytics application SPARK is designed to enable operators to maximize performance, reduce risk and to increase system flexibility.

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How do we use product innovation to deliver cost savings?

Product Design Innovation is at the heart of Reon. The Team is endlessly delivering cost advantages in creative ways to deliver improved technology, variety, quality and customization at an optimal cost. Browse through the case studies beneath to find out how we have redefined the energy efficiency paradigm for various telecom tower companies and Mobile Network Operators (MNO).

Talal Amjad

Talal Amjad

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