Product Innovation Lab

Product Innovation Lab

Advanced energy storage solutions to capture new
market opportunities and value streams

Accelerating efficient energy

At the Reon Product Lab, we have taken up the task of reimagining power systems to catalyze clean energy transition across the region. Using renewable energy sources and storage solutions – we are exploring strategies to integrate cleaner electrification into businesses, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare and educational institutions.





We, at the Lab, do not only design, develop and integrate top-level electrification technologies, but explore new products, optimize existing solutions, transform structures, build innovative business models and bring in unique operational excellence to improve asset health and performance. 

The Lab, over half a decade, has assembled leading thinkers and expertise from industries, local utilities, electric regulators, academics, and advisors to gain a deeper insight into the working of various heavily energy reliant sectors.



Increased penetration of intermittent renewable energy requires a real-time understanding of network status to allow for a rapid on-field or backend response as changes occur. The Reon Energy Analytics application SPARK is designed to enable,

Structural and application engineering

As Application Engineers we love technology and work on both current and newer products to manage the customer’s individual needs. In many a case, we go a step further with the help of our Research and Development Team to offer solutions to challenges that haven’t given thought of.

Energy Storage

Continuous growth of renewable energy integration in energy infrastructure is introducing newer challenges in the power system stability for industries.Grid-level energy storage hence plays a critical role in maintaining reliable energy supply.


We, at Reon, continue to invest in R&D to bring recent technologies, improve quality of products and deliver yield and cost efficiencies that offer a competitive edge to businesses, and industries across nation.Our R&D projects often explore recent technologies,


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Zohaib Naeem

Product Manager

Zohaib holds over decade of experience in Research & Development. He has worked on diversified products ranging from power electronics, SCADA, Automation, renewable systems & software platforms and has successfully launched products in multiple domains including telecom, and energy. His expertise includes new product development, IoT and current solutions optimization.


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