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Turning data into valuable knowledge

Energy Digitalization

Turning data into valuable knowledge

enabling Energy digitalization

Increased penetration of intermittent renewable energy requires a real-time understanding of network status to allow for a rapid on-field or backend response as changes occur. The Reon Energy Analytics application SPARK is designed to enable operators to maximize performance, reduce risk and to increase system flexibility.

SPARK has been designed to achieve the following objectives:

Real-time data integration for visibility and control

Personalized dashboards for monitoring key information by site or portfolio, energy production data from multiple energy generation assets, and automatically identify potential savings.

Predictive plant maintenance strategy

Predictive analytics identify key performing indicators such as energy inefficiencies (ideal versus actual generation), proactive plant maintenance strategies to avoid unplanned downtime, and enhance energy plant maintenance strategy. Further, Alerts to flag unexpected consumption, deviation, interruptions during timeframes enable Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Team to dispatch a team on-ground when needed.

Energy cost savings using economic dispatch order principle

SPARK integrates energy parameters for the monitoring of solar plants, energy storage, weather variables, and other traditional energy sources to identify/dispatch energy at least cost.


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Product life and warranty insurance till 5 years however faults due to temperature, DOD, and backup are not covered by insurance. Improper use of batteries further increases the risk of failure to under 5-years

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Reon’s SPARK- Energy Analytics combines intelligent systems with certain hardware offerings to ensure efficient energy transition. Features such as dynamic load management and peak shaving further optimize the energy costs. Join the conversation to find out how you can transition towards energy efficiency by utilizing our digital plant solutions.

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