Cheap electricity: solar power ultimate solution: CEO Reon Energy

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The chief executive officer of the Reon Energy has said the solar power is the ultimate solution for producing cheap electricity to reduce the high costs of power generation and distribution. He told the media in a hotel, “It offers tremendous environmental advantages, besides providing cheap affordable and reliable power. The cost of electricity production and storage, at present, stands at an average 15 and 22 percent. But a smarter use of new solar technologies can help further decrease these costs quite significantly,” he added.

He said his company was one of the pioneering renewable energy companies in Pakistan with technical and financial expertise to design, deploy and maintain operations. “Reon is part of the Dawood Hercules Corporation – which is the single largest contributor to the private energy sector of Pakistan – that controls almost 1,800 megawatts of generation capacity, boasting large-scale ventures such as the Hub Power Company Limited, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, Tenaga Generasi Limited and Laraib Energy Limited,” he added.

About the scope of setting up a solar power in Pakistan, he said, “The solar power is an effective solution for producing electricity using the unlimited potential of the sun, while significantly reducing dependence on conventional mediums of energy. The backup batteries help overcome the system’s downtime, in absence of sunlight. Other than the capital expenditure at the beginning of the project, unrestricted electricity can be used throughout the life of the solution. In addition to being economically beneficial, solar offers tremendous environmental gains to the community.”

He said the solar powered cellular towers produce their own energy; hence, energy from generators that require diesel would not be needed at the thousands of telecom cell sites all over the country. In case of electricity shutdowns, cell towers would never be affected; and that their performance would remain consistent, providing uninterrupted connectivity to the whole nation.

“The objectives of moving to renewable energy resources are using natural solar power, reducing energy costs, optimising fuel consumption, minimising run-hour of diesel or petrol generators, low maintenance costs, savings in operational expenses and eco-friendly atmosphere that will minimise operational hazards. We aspire to provide this reliable source to electricity to more people in remote locations and rural areas.”

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