AJ Textiles

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Project highlights

client: AJ Textiles

location: Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

sector: Textile

solar power project: 995 kW

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AJ Textile Limited partnered with Reon for installing a 995 kW rooftop system at their facility. This decision came as a result of continuous gas shortages during winter seasons and increasing gas tariffs. The business needed a low-cost and clean energy alternative therefore solar seemed the best option.


This project is the first and largest system to be installed on an inverted T-beam roof.  The installation proved to be challenging owing to the roof type; hence, special structures were installed to support the weight of the panels. The project was completed in five months with Zero Loss Time Incident (LTI). The plant produces an approximate 1444 MW of energy annually and offsets carbon emissions by 888 tonnes.

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