Eastern Dairies

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Solar Power Project: 995 KW


Location: Raiwind, Punjab, Pakistan

Eastern Dairies embarked on a visionary journey with Reon Energy Limited to revolutionize their energy mix and mitigate the impact of rising energy costs. Their landmark project was the installation of a magnificent 1 MW solar plant at their Raiwind facility, a testament to their commitment towards sustainability and renewable energy.


With unrelenting dedication, Eastern Dairies rose to the challenge of meeting the energy demands of their operations and ensured the safety of their employees and livestock during installation and commissioning. 


This project, with its towering presence, generates a staggering 1,412 MWh of energy annually, effectively reducing carbon emissions by a massive 868 tonnes. The success of this project marked a new era in Eastern Dairies’ history and their quest towards a sustainable future.

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