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Solar Power Project: 10 MW


Location: Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan

ENI, a world leader in the energy sector, in partnership with Reon, has made a giant leap towards a sustainable future through its 10 MW Solar Power Plant. 


This visionary project aims to reduce the dependence on gas-fired power turbines, partially shift the load to clean solar energy, and in turn, reduce carbon emissions. The cutting-edge single-axis Solar PV plant, equipped with 42 panels on a single array, has improved the annual energy generation capacity by a staggering 15% compared to a traditional PV plant. 


This project has not only helped the environment but also created new opportunities for local communities, providing approximately 440 jobs during construction and 14 permanent skilled and semi-skilled jobs. The photovoltaic plant seamlessly integrates with the existing power generation system of Bhit gas treatment plant and has optimized operational costs by shutting down one of the gas turbines, bringing about a brighter future for all.

Project highlights

client: Eni New Energy Pakistan

location: Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan

sector: Oil and Gas

solar power project: 10 MW

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