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Solar Power Project: 2.86MWh,  9.5MW


Location: Karachi, Sindh, Hub, Baluchistan & Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

In January 2020, Gatron Industries Limited made the decision to go green to reduce its operating cost and enhance profits. Reon installed a 796 kW plant at Gatron’s unit in Hub which was followed by 339 kW successive plant on the same site. The success of these two led us to winning additional projects at Baraboard, Nooriabad, Landhi, Faisalabad and Hub respectively sizing up to 7.31 MW in total.


In 2021, Gatron Industries implemented a Reflex Energy Storage sizing up to 2.86 MWh. This is a lithium-ion based energy storage solution, which has optimized the spinning reserve and streamlined the energy supply.


Bifacial solar modules, applied at G&T, can absorb sunlight from both faces- front and back which has significantly enhanced energy production by up to 20%.

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