Energy Turnaround and Digitalization

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There’s no doubt that our energy system needs to change and is undergoing a big transition.
Digitization is an essential partner of a decarbonized and decentralized energy system whether it’s for more renewable integration to add much needed flexibility to the system , for consumers to become prosumers and or to give better real time monitoring capability to utilities so they can keep this highly complex system running 24/7.

We know that renewable energy from sources such as solar and wind is intermittent and without agility in the grid, can cause instability. Reon’s Energy Management System SPARK has been designed to help industries integrate high-levels of on-site renewable sources such as a rooftop solar into their energy mix while improving operational stability through smart use of Lithium Ion based storage.

Digitization can also help reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of energy systems. This is primarily achieved through better load management, reduction of breakdowns and leakages, proactive maintenance and through smart economic order dispatch functionality that ensures lowest LCOE.

SPARK’s intelligent features offer;
– Economic order dispatch ensures the cheapest source of power is always being used in a multisource environment.
– Load optimization function for telecom towers ensures that any demand / supply mismatches are managed through internal re allocation thus deferring CAPEX.
– Proactive maintenance function ensures that reduces unplanned downtime, equipment failure, and risks associated with operating faulty equipment.

Finally, digitization offers real time monitoring of energy assets and improved transparency through technologies such as Advanced Computer Vision and Machine Learning and Block Chain.

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