Suggested roof types when going solar

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If you are planning to go solar and you do not have a lot of space on ground to install solar panels, you can turn your roof into a solar powerhouse. Few factors to consider when you go solar are: Orientation, shade, material, age, space and pitch.

Rooftop material and age of the structure are the two major points of concern i.e. what types of rooftops are best suited to support the installation of solar panels?

Tile roofs are the most common types of roofs that can be found in Pakistan. It’s easier and more effective to install solar on concrete tiles than on clay tiles.

Metal standing seam roofs are another kind very commonly found in the industries in Pakistan. Metal rooftops are relatively more supportive for solar panel installation than tiled roof. You might want to opt for a structural analysis to have a fair idea of how your roof type and our solar panels would make a perfect combo.

A very important factor to consider is age of the roofs. Solar Panels carry weight of their own. Generally, metal roofs are expected to last for 20 years while concrete roofs are expected to last for 50+ years. If your roof is too old or regardless, you might want to conduct a ‘roof load bearing’ analysis before installing the solar panels to avoid any sort of unforeseen incidents

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